Back to school and stuff

2017-08-30 09:50:33 by sascia999

First september is back to highschool might get a invitation from the military but i don't need to go cause i still have high school that's how it works.

Also i got a brand new chair THAT'S SUPER COMFORTABLE!

And i got a lot of new painting stuff.

still haven't fixed the internet sharing problems but at least i fixed the red random lines on my screen but sometimes there are still some red lines but they are super rare.

I don't know why but i feel super bored.

What is even happening

2017-07-24 09:25:10 by sascia999

My pc is having problems

-red horizontal lines on screen

-internet sharing problems

-and other stuff

and there's some other stuff that i want to do but i have too little time like hobbies

and school i need to do some school stuff like re give those shitty papers to school again if won't give those papers to school well... a lot of shit will happen.

So my birthday was fun first of all i got an guitar for some reason i liked it too much been playing with it all night and i'm tired.


Also cake so much cake not enough people.(i have free cake anyone want some :D )


Not sure when i'll be back in my previous location i might be home for another 2 months the internet has been used up so many times i just want my limitless internet need to fly away to my nest.. i mean previous location. 

Bad news is Internet is done for i'm using my phone for internet now.


Good news it that i found a comfortable seat and that my birthday is 27 june.


Also i got a haircut desited that i grow a massive beard.


so i lituary transferred my pc home

i was holding my screen in the car like my life depended on it

but limited internet is still cancer.


been doing nothing

2017-06-08 15:06:38 by sascia999

Home with limited internet and my shit laptop is cancer.

I can't even do anything watch videos or play games.

I can't even draw normally in this laptop kill meh plz.

I want to go back to my pc and my internet will need to wait few more days rip.

Life is getting boring day by day

2016-03-15 16:43:22 by sascia999

Order a hot dog. While you’re eating it, Google: “What’s in a hot dog?” You decide whether or not you want to finish it.