my pc is home now BUT limited internet

2017-06-14 03:47:03 by sascia999

so i lituary transferred my pc home

i was holding my screen in the car like my life depended on it

but limited internet is still cancer.



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2017-06-14 06:52:44

Ugh PC with no internet... That's the worst

sascia999 responds:

i need to wait this month until the limit resets.


2017-06-15 21:26:25

Oh, you're throttled that sucks. How much fast data can you access each month? My phone's only got 500MB per month before it drags, so I put some extra $ into the fiber optic and can get 8MB per/sec down... but it's having occasional latency hangups causing me to drop while playing online >:(

Can you download a bunch of stuff quickly from a friends house or library? I used to do that, once even set up a 2 meter wide dish to steal internet... from somewhere else

sascia999 responds:

first of all sorry for my bad english i'm from estonia.
well i got 95 GB but i'm not the only one who is using it so around 80GB been already used up by my smaller brother by watching youtube videos all day and downloading apps then uninstalls them than installs them and so on :( some other peaple are here like parents but they only read news and stuff.

My internet is 4MB per/sec with is ok for me i can go to my friends place he has limitless internet but the internet there is around 0.4MB per/sec and he's always using it.
_main problem brother using up all the internet_ :(